International online TV network

Video content production and conducting Film Festivals for international organizations and companies.

Active corporate programs with elements of teambuilding
Corporate musicals, Film Festivals and theatrical productions
Offsite corporate events
Exclusive events
Trainings, problem-analytical sessions
MICE, incentive,
PROMO и PR-actions
Corporate parties
Video content, shooting,
graphic design, postproduction

Our company has a technical base for video editing of clips of any complexity: advertising, TV programs, films and serials.

We have specialists in the staff who create graphics of any complexity, 3d graphics, mapping, television graphics.

Our advantages

Our experience allows us to say that each media product and event is a result of careful study of details and planning taking into account the needs of the client.

We pay our attention to your demands and we ask right questions. As a result, we have correct and innovative products and unforgettable events.

We are involved in developing ideas, sincerely interested in the result that’s why our Customers trust us!
We will fit into any budget and work for you with a convenient payment system.
We are attentive to the details what gives our Customers a deep study of element in the event.
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The working process
All departments and departments of the association work together
on a comprehensive solution to your problems.

We work on the result, the effectiveness of the product being created or the event held, its memorability, both in terms of content and in terms of form.

The constant goal of the company is constant self-improvement, application of the newest technologies in the solution of non-standard tasks, the anticipation of the creative trend in the development of creative concepts.


The company has a fleet of light, sound, video and photo equipment.
In addition, long-term relations with the largest companies in the technical support market and intra-corporate pricing allow the company International Online TV network to create events of any level with preferential pricing. Also, the company has in its portfolio the experience of creating scenery for original sketches.


A single graphic solution for the design of video products or events is an important condition that distinguishes a professionally made product or event.

All elements of design, from invitations to site design, should be organically aligned in a single style, which as a rule, in addition to creative and creative ideas of the company, should correspond to the corporate style of the customer. Stylistic literacy The design department allows the company International Online TV network to bring bright elements into any video product or event.


Logistics is one of the most important components of the success of the event. Even activities at the border of the Moscow suburbs require a thoughtful approach to managing the transportation of people, as well as the delivery of various elements to the venue of the event.

When it comes to other cities or countries, you need a clear and quick solution to emerging issues. Considering the wide geography of the events conducted by the International online TV network, our employees have well-established links with strategic partners and know the technologies for getting out of any situation.

The working process
Working with is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Preliminary request
Fill out the brief with a standard list of questions. So we are already at the first   We will be able to offer you several options for the event.
Contract signing and site reservation
Contract signing and site reservation
We cooperate with world
and Russian TV channels
We are official partners